Arrant 4   
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Arrant tents 4

Tents from the Hannah Arrant 4 series from the comfort tent sector. The renowned Czech brand Hannah, creating the Arrant 4 model, fits perfectly in the segment of four-person tents. The tent is suitable for several day trips and longer trips.

Arrant 4 tent is a tent for people looking for a bit more space but wanting to have a compact tent. Arannt 4 stands out among its series of comfortable tents, a large vestibule that can serve as a back-up or as a half-kitchen in times of bad weather. Through which he refers to the construction of the Comfort League - Familia but has a small size trekking tent. The traditional combination of a tunnel tent with a dome resulted in the creation of the Arannt tent 4. Dimensions of a bedroom that is 210cm long and 210cm wide with a height of 130 cm, but the extended vestibule measures 70 cm without bleed area and 90 cm with falling space. The tent has two entrances, which greatly facilitates access. The weight of the tent is only 4.8 kg after folding is 22X45 cm. It provides three brackets made of carbon fiber with a thickness of 9.5 / 8.5mm. The use of carbon fiber in the bows results in the maintenance of adequate strength and stiffness of the structure and at the same time reduces the mass.

The tropics' water resistance is 3,000 mm H2O which provides protection during bad weather and protects against the sun. The tropic has two folding vents that improve the ventilation, which helps to get rid of the water vapor from the tent. The bedroom floor is made of polyester PE 10x10 120g / m2.

Arrant 4 has a wide entrance to the vestibule on both sides, which significantly improves the comfort of use. The tent has a spacious bedroom that allows four people to sleep in a comfortable way. The design of the tent is simple, which allows you to quickly pitch the tent and the used stays provide good tent stability. It is the perfect tent for camping or canoeing.

Product characteristics:

- size of the outdoor tent: 220 x 370 x 135 cm,

- size of the inner tent: 210 x 210 x 130 cm,

- the size of the tent: 22 x 45 cm,

- material of the tropics: 185T Polyester, water resistance 3000 mm,

- number of people: 4,

- number of entries: 2,

- supporting material: glass fiber,

- weight: 4.8 kg.

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