Leisure 3.8 Wide self-inflating mat  Leisure 3,8 
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Hannah Leisure 3.8

Self-inflating mat Hannah Leisure 3.8 is a quick way to a comfortable tourist bed, which will allow you to regain your strength for further activities regardless of whether you are going camping, camping or lying in your backyard garden. It fills quickly and effectively with air so that you can lie down on it after a while.

Having a comfortable mattress during a camping trip makes us sleep comfortably every night, and the next day get up with energy for further activities. That's why Hannah designers made this self-inflating mat. To make it easier for you during bivouacs.

The Hannah Leisure 3.8 self-inflating mat is made of polyester with two densities, which works well in more difficult bivouac conditions. Its slightly thicker layer was placed in places exposed to accidental mechanical damage, so that it would be easier to avoid them. Polyester with lower density is located on the entire length of the Hannah Leisure mat 3.8 and is very pleasant to the touch so it will not cause skin irritation. The Hannah designers have applied a sealed and reliable valve here, which is enough to open the air to fill the chamber of this model. Draining air from the mat is also not a problem due to the good air permeability. The whole is easy to use, and the preparation of a comfortable place to sleep takes literally a moment.

Hannah Leisure 3.8 self-inflating mat in its interior has a PU foam, which is responsible for the comfort of a tourist resting on this model. Its perforation makes the Hannah hiking mat provide an anatomic fit that translates into comfort during sleep. An increased thickness of about 3.8 cm provides effective insulation from the substrate, which will allow it to be used for most of the year.

The Hannah Leisure 3.8 self-inflating mat will be great in the inventory of every campers waiting for maximum comfort during each night spent in the field.


The self-inflating mat is ideal for bivouacs and camping;

Made of durable polyester in versions 30D and 75D;

The material used is pleasant to touch and does not cause skin irritation;

Optimum insulating parameters taking place in the field;

A center made of PU foam with perforations for added comfort;

Can be used for three seasons;

Compact dimensions after packing;

A tight horizontal valve;

* The mattress has a repair kit;

Technical Specifications:

Thickness 3.8 cm

Weight approx. 985 g

V foam

Dimensions about 183 x 51 x 3.8 cm

Package dimensions approx. 27 x ø 17 cm

Case   ---

R-Value factor ---

Type Self-inflating mat

Repair Kit   ---

Name Value