About us

jjaba - it acts as an online store since 2008. We have gathered huge experience in online sales. Continuously we are improving our processes so as to best provide services to our customers.

Only good products at a good price

Our goal is to present our customers tested our products at a good price. Our experts specially freely choose the most tested products so that they gave the satisfaction of our customers.

Rich offer

We are constantly expanding our to our customers to offer both proven products and interesting new products appearing on the market.

Shopping without risk

With the latest technology, we provide full security of transactions and the protection of personal data. To 99.50% of the consignments of goods sent in 2014, there were no complaints.

free delivery

We offer products at attractive prices - lower than the market and online. Very often we offer free shipping of our goods.


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Actual information

Daily update bestseller lists, news and announcements. We publish detailed descriptions of goods, fragments of books and music, press reviews. Order the newsletter for the category you're interested!

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