Taking care of the confidentiality and security of your personal data is our highest priority. Due to the fact that already on May 25, new regulations on personal data protection will apply, we would like to inform you that in jjaba.uk we respect the privacy of our customers and service users, and thus we carefully protect your personal data. Detailed information on how we process personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy available at: https: //www.jjaba.uk /help/RODO-INFO-46.jsf

What exactly can you find in the privacy policy of the jjaba.uk online store?
1. Information about us, i.e. the Administrator of personal data of customers of the jjaba.uk online store
2. Information on how you can contact our Data Protection Supervisor.
3. You will find out that we protect your personal data by doing the utmost diligence.
4. You will receive information about the purpose, basis and scope of processing your personal data.
5. Find information to whom we share or we may share personal data.
6. You will receive information about how long we will process your personal data.
7. You will learn in particular about your rights, that you have the right to request from us as an Administrator access to your data, rectification, deletion, processing restrictions and that you can object to the processing of data for marketing purposes or due to your special situation that you can complain to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection for the processing of personal data unlawfully and that you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data that you previously expressed.

Thank you for being with us. Regards, jjaba.uk

 Discount coupons

Discount coupons for promotion is one that temporarily provide to our customers.

The coupon may relate to product, product group, category, or the whole range of the store.

To use the code, paste it into a dedicated field in the shopping basket.

When you add code, you will see a description of promotion together with details of the conditions for the discount. If you are in your cart, after you add the code, will also be products covered by it, it will be deducted from the corresponding value of the discount. You can continue to freely change the contents of the basket - value of the discount will be updated each time. You can also unsubscribe at any time with the use of the code by removing it from the basket. The coupon may be specified expiry date - if it is exceeded, it ceases to be active. In a single order you can use only one discount code.

Warning! If you added the code and has not been charged rebate given in the description of the coupon check that all the conditions have been met Deals:

1. Is in the basket for sure the products are covered by the promotion?

2.Czu the value of promotional products in the basket is in accordance with the terms of the promotion?

3. Do not exceed the expiry date of the coupon?

- For orders that already went to execution, previously accrued discount will be recalculated according to the new content of the contract

- Discount codes can not be combined in one order, you can use only one coupon

- If you want, you can code transferable - remember, however, that some of the codes refer to only one purchase and passing it on, you may lose the chance to benefit from the promotion. However, if there is no information about this in the description of the coupon code can be used repeatedly in the course of its validity.

If you would like to receive a voucher necessarily subscribe to our newsletter.

You will receive from us by e-mail information about the most interesting offers, promotions and contests, and special discount codes.

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