Taking care of the confidentiality and security of your personal data is our highest priority. Due to the fact that already on May 25, new regulations on personal data protection will apply, we would like to inform you that in jjaba.uk we respect the privacy of our customers and service users, and thus we carefully protect your personal data. Detailed information on how we process personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy available at: https: //www.jjaba.uk /help/RODO-INFO-46.jsf

What exactly can you find in the privacy policy of the jjaba.uk online store?
1. Information about us, i.e. the Administrator of personal data of customers of the jjaba.uk online store
2. Information on how you can contact our Data Protection Supervisor.
3. You will find out that we protect your personal data by doing the utmost diligence.
4. You will receive information about the purpose, basis and scope of processing your personal data.
5. Find information to whom we share or we may share personal data.
6. You will receive information about how long we will process your personal data.
7. You will learn in particular about your rights, that you have the right to request from us as an Administrator access to your data, rectification, deletion, processing restrictions and that you can object to the processing of data for marketing purposes or due to your special situation that you can complain to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection for the processing of personal data unlawfully and that you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data that you previously expressed.

Thank you for being with us. Regards, jjaba.uk

 Products Warranty

Products have manufacturer's guarantee valid on Polish territory. The warranty period for each product is shown in the description on pages jjaba. If the time is not given, it is a standard warranty resulting from the law. Detailed terms of the guarantee are specified in print guarantee issued by the guarantor. Most products have warranties directly by authorized service manufacturers. Addresses of service and other important information about the service can be found on the warranty card accompanying the product and on the websites of manufacturers. For some products, the warranty card is located inside the factory sealed packaging, therefore, that we do not want to open so packed products, it is possible that the card will not be stamped, it gives it however you sure that no one had interfered with the content of the product. If you receive a warranty card without stamps please contact us.

Okilook as a salesman can mediate between you and the manufacturer to process warranty claims. Complaint application under the guarantee shall be adopted on the basis of the complaint form is in the "complaint form". In order to streamline the process associated with the registration of new complaints, please indicate your order number, from which the defective product and describe its faults. The date of commencement of the complaint process we take a moment receipt of delivery by our magazine service located in Poland in Wroclaw on the street Nyska 59 jjaba.punkt. Defective product will be subjected to a preliminary expert report, which aims to verify whether the customer is described by a fault occurs and if the fault is the fault of the user. The term complaint by jjaba is 14 days from the receipt of the goods. All products having a guarantee jjaba are sent directly to the distributor or manufacturer of the equipment, if the service producer / distributor determines that the repair requires additional expertise, or replace the hard parts available, the period of consideration of the application may be extended to 28 working days. The method of examination and completion of a complaint by repair, replacement or refund the purchase price should be only the guarantor.

If the complaint is to be sent to a different address than the order please mention this at the claim notification.

When using the warranty reports false or misleading circumstances which will inflict damage to the guarantor, you may be required to repair it. The equipment in such a case is sent back to the buyer's expense.

If the delivered product does not meet the requirements of warranty, customer will be immediately informed.

The warranty on consumer goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the non-conformity.

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