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Registration is required to place orders in the shop. The data given at registration will be used to:

- Determine the address of the item

- The invoice for the goods delivered.

Since the registration information about your purchases from us are stored and protected.

This ensures:

- You can check the status of implementation of their orders by using the "Your orders" in the "Customer Panel" - remember that products added to the cart or storage; you will find them there, when you visit us again; We clean the basket every 90 days, while in the vault can store information on selected goods indefinitely.

- Save time when placing further orders, we will present you for the approval of the order form already partially filled.

- If you want to send us reviews of goods from our offer, we assume you page where we will publish them all.

- You can subscribe to the newsletter, or information you care about news and announcements.

Your account

It allows you to:

- Access to cart

- Preview and editing contracts: delete, cancel

- Edits data for shipping orders

- Change your password.

Change of address or password:

If you do not remember the password which recently registered, you have three choices:

- Use the "forgot my password" option when logging in to the site.

- You can also register as a new customer (but then you lose access to the last zapełnianego cart and you can not get information about the implementation of the previous contract).

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