The complaint

When making a claim, please feel free to fill out the form below. Please indicate your order number, from which the defective product and describe its faults. Detailed information on the warranty conditions can be found on the "product warranty".
Mechanical damage
Before accepting a shipment from the courier or mail, check whether the packaging is not damaged in transit.
Note in particular should pay attention to the condition of tapes or seals on the package.
- Packaging that is damaged
- Seals (tapes) are broken
should refuse to take back and contact us to record the situation.
In the case of packages pobraniowych prior to the payment of payment and written confirmation of receipt of the courier can not give the package recipient. There is no way to verify the content before confirmation of receipt, but it is worth to ask the courier to it that took part in checking the contents of the shipment, making sure came intact. In the event that the courier refused, it must inform you that in case of damage or non-compliance will have to come again to transcribe minutes of damage. In case of a complaint due to mechanical damage of the received shipment, please send the complaint form of the damage made by messenger, When considering this type of application are very helpful pictures with visible damage to the product and photographs of the outer packaging, the message of these documents will allow us to more effective settlement of the case.
defective product
Defective product should be returned at the expense of address our warehouse phrases:

vejox/jjaba magazyn Point of View

ul. Kaweczyn 76

05-520 Konstancin Jeziorna

Upon receipt by our warehouse the product is checked for damage described then shop according to the demands of the customer orders a copy of a new product or reimburse the costs of its purchase. The deadline for resolving the complaint if the replacement product is in compliance with applicable laws.

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